Virtual Programs: Learn | Practice | Reflect

Customized leadership development programs that are 100% relevant to your organization and your people. We do it in real time, in real roles, overcoming and succeeding at real issues.

We know that learning opportunities that arise on the job are by far the most effective. Even more we know that, according to HBR, organizations are spending $356 billion annually on ineffective leadership development programs. Axiom works with you to create virtual or on-site talent development programs that address the unique needs and culture of your organization and put your money (and more importantly your time) to good use.

Do you need funding for your leadership development? Axiom is recognized by The Canada-Ontario Job Grant program as an eligible provider – this grant may cover up to 83% of your costs. Ask us how.

Axiom focuses on 3 areas of talent development:

  • Creating and facilitating on-line or on-site leadership training sessions addressing the people practice issues relevant to your organization. These may include the following topics, and always includes opportunities between sessions to learn, practice, and reflect.
    • The Coach Leader
    • Resolving Conflict
    • Delegation for Development
    • Disciplines of Execution
    • Empathetic Leadership
    • Engaging Leadership
    • The Gift of Feedback
    • Leading Hybrid Teams
    • Beyond Performance Management
    • Recognition Rich Cultures
    • Attaining Results
    • Key Trust Behaviours
    • Trusting Teams
    • Values Based Leadership
  • Leveraging Target Training International’s (TTI) DISC assessments to improve leadership effectiveness within a diverse team
  • Supporting leaders one on one through executive coaching
Leadership Teams:
  • Facilitating team-building sessions using Target Training International’s DISC system to foster stronger communication and team effectiveness
  • Applying Axiom’s Leadership ‘Exceleration’ model to your leadership team to ensure the team is working together in the most efficient and effective way (i.e speed & results)
  • Working directly with executive and leadership teams to understand their foundation for success and resolve unaddressed barriers
High-Potentials Employees:
  • Creating high-potential talent development teams to provide up-and-coming leaders stretch assignments while solving some of your organization’s challenges
  • Providing leadership training sessions outlined above to create succession readiness for when the time comes to lead a team
    Supporting high-potential individuals one-on-one through leadership coaching

Leadership Development

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