Talent Development

Photo by Praveen kumar Mathivanan on Unsplash

Take a moment and reflect on this crucial question: Does your organization’s top talent genuinely feel valued? This is more than just a rhetorical question; it’s an essential consideration for safeguarding your organization from talent leakage.

Throughout my career, I’ve met countless individuals who seem uncertain about their standing within the organization. This uncertainty doesn’t discriminate; it affects both exceptional contributors who may not sense the recognition they deserve, as well as those who might be struggling but remain unaware of their underperformance. Curiously, many bosses assert their communication is crystal clear, but when I sit with employees, I too often hear of being in the dark adrift in uncertainty.

The Lure of Feeling Valued:

Let’s envision a scenario. A competitor’s recruiter reaches out to your top talent, crafting a narrative that celebrates their potential and underscores their significance. In this narrative, they are cherished and their skills are invaluable. The message is clear and unequivocal: we value you. Suddenly, your exceptional employee is at risk of departure.

An Ounce of Prevention:

The antidote is surprisingly simple. Take a moment to candidly answer that pivotal question: do your top-tier employees genuinely feel valued? If your answer is yes, and you’re consistently fostering dialogues with your best and brightest, then kudos – you’re ahead of the game, and your retention rates probably reflect that.

If you hesitated or shook your head, it’s time to act, for your organization is on thin ice. Here’s a quick roadmap to regain control:

  • Identify top talent – craft a short list of who your top talent is. Consider who your best and brightest are. Reflect on who, over the next few years, will be critical to the future of the organization.
  • Engage relentlessly – meet with these individuals and help them feel the love. Engage in earnest and open conversations. Articulate your genuine appreciation for their contributions and the vital role they play in the organization’s success.
  • Tailor growth journeys – collaborate with them to craft individualized development plans. Talented individuals are eager to grow – your responsibility is to provide fertile ground for their development. Ensure they don’t feel the need to seek growth elsewhere.
  • Accelerate growth and energize – bring this all together through a development program for your top performers. Provide them with access to resources, exposure to senior leadership, guidance in their growth journey, and opportunities to form bonds. Here are some ideas of what that can look like when working with Axiom.

Let’s revisit that pivotal question: does your top talent truly feel valued? If you have any doubts, now is the time to address them!

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