Leadership Training: Learn | Practice | Reflect

Axiom | Leadership Teams, Team RestorationDon’t go outside the organization when Axiom will customize your leadership development programs and make them 100% relevant to your organization and your people. We do it in real time, in real roles, overcoming and succeeding at real issues and brand it with your logo so it fits seamlessly with your other offerings.

We know that learning opportunities that arise on the job (not outsourced externally) are by far the most effective. Even more, Harvard Business Review estimates that organizations are spending $356 billion annually on ineffective leadership development programs. Axiom works with you to create virtual or on-site talent development programs that address the unique needs and culture of your organization and put your money (and more importantly your time) to good use.

Do you need funding for your leadership development? Axiom is recognized by The Canada-Ontario Job Grant program as an eligible provider – this grant may cover up to 83% of your costs. Ask us how.

Axiom focuses on 3 areas of leadership development:

Leading Others, Leading Self, and Leading Results:

Leading Others:

Sample Modules

  • The Coach Leader
  • Enhanced Communications (DISC)
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Delegation for Development
  • Engaging Leadership
  • The Gift of Feedback
  • Recognition Rich Cultures
  • Trusting Teams

Leading Self:

Sample Modules

  • Empathetic Leadership
  • Giving Feedback – getting over our internal barriers
  • Leadership Excellence through Self-Awareness
  • Key Trust Behaviours
  • Time & Priority Management
  • Values Based Leadership

Leading Results:

Sample Modules

  • Disciplines of Execution
  • Leading Hybrid Teams
  • Beyond Performance Management
  • Recognition Rich Cultures
  • Attaining Results

Are you achieving your leadership vision?

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