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A graphic which shows a disjointed team representing the need for new teams to figure out how to work together.

New leadership teams are often under pressure to show results quickly, whether it’s a green field operation or a leadership changeover. Rapidly hitting stride is challenging when the team hasn’t established norms and trust to excel from the start.

Following Axiom’s 4-step ‘exceleration’ process accelerates these teams, shaving months off the team forming process. After defining your goals, we pinpoint team behaviors and how each individual optimally contributes to driving success for customers, employees, shareholders, etc.

For new executive teams, challenges may arise. Members might approach goals from different perspectives (quality, efficiency, customer, etc.). Roles and processes might be undefined – who is accountable for what, and how is execution ensured? Some team members might clash as they define their scope or hold different values. Structural inefficiencies may stem from refining the systems to support the goals. Axiom’s team forming experience, designed especially for inexperienced teams, accelerates success.

Leadership “teams” often exist in form more than practice. Most teams meet several times a year, track progress, and set goals—and then individual leaders return to their business units or functions, where they believe their real work takes place.

This is a missed opportunity. Leadership teams that operate as actual teams are resilient and more adaptive. They accelerate business performance, achieve bolder goals, are more willing to experiment, and increase optionality—the pursuit of different paths and the ability to quickly change course. R. Torres et. al., How Three Leaders Are Building Their Teams and Boosting Results, Boston Consulting Group (2018).

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