High Potential: Top Talent Development

Let’s shift your focus from “succession planning” to “succession readiness”. 

Together we can customize programs for your organization to get your best and brightest ready for their next leadership step. Not only are we developing your best for bigger things, but we are showing them they are highly valued and staying here is the best way to advance their career.

Here are 2 types of Cohort experiences where we can grow your future leaders on-the-job:

Creating Next-Gen Leaders: A Team-Based Approach

Objective: To develop high potentials for internal succession through a blended learning program of leadership skills development and participation in an organization wide business challenge. Ideal for developing a ‘general manager’ mindset, stretching participants’ outside their areas of expertise.

Structure: Cohorts of 7-9 participants are given a weighty organizational challenge that is on the minds of senior leaderships. They are provided a ‘learning coach’ who assists them in their personal growth, and an ‘executive coach’ who ensures they have access to organizational resources. After forming of a team, a few weeks/months of data gathering and analysis, the cohort presents their recommendations to senior leadership for implementation.

Check out a Case Study here

Creating Next-Gen Leaders: Accelerating Individual Readiness

Objective: To develop high potentials for internal succession through an applied learning program including leadership skills development and coaching / mentorship. Providing an immersive experience that encourages participants to push outside their comfort zone while learning alongside others who may be facing similar challenges.

Structure: Cohorts of 7-14 participants are provided a leadership assessment to increase self awareness and set personal growth goals. A variety of monthly supports are provided, including topical readings/videos, one-on-one coaching conversations, a sr. leadership mentor, and monthly cohort discussions. A post-program assessment provides feedback on progress and sets participants up for future growth.

Check out a Case Study here

Let’s work together to define your goals.

We are strong believers in:

  • Team-based organizational assignments to expand thinking beyond functional while solving critical challenges (perfect for creating up-and-coming General Managers),
  • Leadership coaching assessments to understand the impact on those that we are leading and developing,
  • Leadership training sessions covering the core of leading others, leading self, and leading results,
  • One-on-one leadership coaching to address personal challenges and realize organizational opportunities,
  • Formalized (though temporary) relationships with some of your organization’s senior leaders,
  • Peer connections to support each other and facilitate longer-term collaboration.
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