Leadership Team Coaching

“A surprising finding from our research is that teams do not improve markedly even if all their members receive individual coaching to develop their personal capabilities. Individual coaching can indeed help executives become better leaders in their own right, but the team does not necessarily improve. Team development is not an additive function of individuals becoming more effective team players, but rather an entirely different capability.” – Wageman et al, Senior Leadership Teams: What it Takes to Make Them Great, Harvard Business School Press (2008).

Your Executive Team, or Senior Leadership Team, is the most critical team within your organization—the engine that propels your success. They not only set the vision and determine the strategy but also allocate resources and ensure seamless execution by engaging and aligning their teams. When this team operates as a high-performance team, outstanding results are not just expected, they are inevitable. However, if there’s a hiccup in their synergy, organizational (and shareholder) potential remains untapped, signaling a need for targeted leadership team building and coaching.

Axiom specializes in working with Executive Teams to ensure they function as a high-performance team—fully aligned and collaborating. This strategic alignment empowers them to focus not only on the goals of their individual functions but also on the overarching objectives of the organization. Through our expertise in Leadership Team Building and Coaching, we transform the team into a cohesive force where the whole becomes far greater than the sum of its parts.

Our approach extends to various teams, including new teams seeking a solid foundation, green-field operations navigating uncharted territory, leadership teams that excel in specific areas but might benefit from a fresh perspective, or dysfunctional teams in need of rebuilt trust.  At Axiom, we believe that every team has the potential to be a high-performance team, and our coaching and team-building interventions are tailored to unlock and maximize that potential.

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Congratulations, your senior leadership team is working well together! But you know that with a bit of fine-tuning they could be even better. Rather than doing a team building event (ok, keep that, it could be fun especially if it is with One Axe Pursuits!), spend some time as a team working on how you ‘show up’ together and truly support each other’s success.

New Teams

A new leadership team has been established and figuring out how to seamlessly work together could be a struggle. Let’s focus on your goals – the goals that only this team can achieve together – and figure out how best we each show up. Let’s go from a group of functional experts to a true executive team … quickly.

Dysfunctional Teams

The executive team may be in disarray, or may be on a path that leads in that direction, and we need to turn things around. There are issues that need to be resolved and we must get back to trusting each other. For the sake of the organization and those who we serve, we need immediate help in getting our most important team fully functioning again.

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