Team Dysfunction | Restoring Effectiveness

Overcoming team dysfunction across Canada

Axiom specializes in working with leadership teams across Canada, addressing challenges to restore effectiveness to the boardroom. Whether the executive team is still finding its rhythm, experiencing interpersonal conflicts, or dealing with clear team dysfunction, the toll on the organization is significant. Additionally, shareholders, clients, or customers will soon feel the impact, if they haven’t already.

By partnering with Axiom we embark on a journey to diagnose the issues and work with the team toward resolution. We quickly resolve the root causes with the goal of the team functioning on its own, without the needing ongoing Axiom involvement. The challenges may vary—from a lack of clear alignment around organizational mission or goals to ill-defined roles leading to turf wars. Perhaps it is unchecked interpersonal conflicts. It could also be broken or unknown executive team processes and expectations, to structural issues. Furthermore it could be trust deficits or a lack of accountability. Often it’s a combination of these factors. Resolving these issues is crucial for the organization’s well-being and the satisfaction of stakeholders. Forgo team building that doesn’t get to the root issue, and let’s resolve the underlying causes.

Becoming a top-performing top team must be one of the team’s goals. To meet that goal, teams have to master three dimensions of performance. First, they require a common direction: a shared understanding of goals and values. Second, skills of interaction are crucial if the team is to go beyond individual expertise to solve complex problems and, equally, if it is to withstand the scrutiny of the rest of the organization, for people usually take their cues from the top. Finally, top teams must always be able to renew themselves—to expand their capabilities in response to change. Erika Herb, et. al. Teamwork at the Top, McKinsey Quarterly (2001)

Axiom partners directly with CEOs, Presidents, or Board Chairs to develop a tailored strategy aimed at restoring alignment and overcoming team dysfunction. Our goal is to bring results back on track across Canada, spanning Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Halifax.

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