‘High Value-Creating’ Team Coaching

“A surprising finding from our research is that teams do not improve markedly even if all their members receive individual coaching to develop their personal capabilities. Individual coaching can indeed help executives become better leaders in their own right, but the team does not necessarily improve. Team development is not an additive function of individuals becoming more effective team players, but rather an entirely different capability.” – Wageman et al, Senior Leadership Teams: What it Takes to Make Them Great, Harvard Business School Press (2008).

What is Sr. Leadership Team Coaching?

Team coaching stands out as a pivotal trend in the coaching world, particularly for senior leadership teams. These teams are unique, involving complex dynamics and the intertwining priorities of individual members.

At Axiom Leadership, we specialize in Systemic Team Coaching, a certification earned through collaboration with Professor Peter Hawkins of the UK, a globally recognized expert in team coaching.

We believe that high-value creating teams consist of five essential components, as shown in the attached graphic at the bottom of the page. These components provide a solid foundation for team excellence.

Our Executive Team Coaching Process

While each leadership team coaching assignment is unique, certain key elements underpin every team we engage with.

  • Shared Vision: A shared vision is paramount, defining the collective achievements of the team.
  • Contributions and Accountability: Team members must comprehend how to contribute to the team’s overall success. This involves supporting, challenging, and being accountable to one another.
  • Adaptability and Learning: Teams must possess the agility to learn together and swiftly adapt to changing conditions. Reflection on successes and the ability to course-correct are vital for sustained growth.

At Axiom, our executive team coaching approach ensures that leadership teams take ownership of their outcomes. We empower teams for long-term success, minimizing dependence on us. With our guidance, your senior leadership team will cultivate the skills and mindset essential for enduring success.

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Leadership team coaching and creating high value teams in the workplace

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