What a Few Clients Have to Say About Axiom

I have been involved in lots of leadership development over my career, and Axiom’s Action Learning program was the most impactful I have ever experienced … both for the participants as well as the coaches.

— Christina M., Managing Director, Eastern Canada

Combining a 360 degree evaluative process with a comprehensive executive coaching strategy was incredibly helpful in moving me forward in my leadership development journey. Greg is a highly skilled coach, creating a safe and effective relationship for leadership development.

— Lisa P., CEO, CASON

I was lucky to be given the opportunity to work with Greg as my executive coach. What makes Greg an outstanding coach is his ability to get you to really think about your goals, identify what you need to change to achieve those goals and help execute on the changes.

— Samantha D., Vice President, LifeLearn

My experiences working with Axiom for many years, have been nothing short of transformational. What he was able to teach me was invaluable; how he guided me through major issues was skillful; and the new ideas he brought to me were enlightening. Our organization would not have achieved the extremely high levels of success that we did, without the stellar guidance and influence of Axiom.

— Lorne W., President, Allwest Commercial Furnishings

Greg’s ability to analyze, communicate, and integrate human resources with overall business strategy in both profit and non-profit organizations is extraordinary. His low-key and measured approach belies a deeply committed professional who know precisely how to blend and leverage an organization’s human resources to meet and exceed its goals. He’s a genuine leaders’ leader.

— Gilles R., President, PMC

Greg is one of the few leaders who achieves great success linking people practices to business strategy at an executive level. His work fosters an organizational mindset that will push your business vision forward and link the long term impact of your culture to the bottom line. Through tangible people practices and metrics, Greg ensures the business culture and values are alive, visible and impactful.

— Angela D., Vice President, Freybe

Greg is really knowledgeable and the best thing is he helps by giving honest feedback and even helps in realizing how things can be perceived from two different sides. Our coaching sessions are my time to express how I am feeling, to compare old and new behaviours and to improve. Everyone would benefit from having one on one time with Greg.

— High Potential Candidate, Riverside Natural Foods

I had the privilege of benefiting from being coached by Greg.  We connected well from the start and Greg quickly helped me clarify my overall goal in a succinct statement which gave clarity to our individual sessions. The conversations and questions flowed naturally while being intentional and focused.

— John G., Supervisor, City of Guelph

Greg has been an excellent resource for our organization. He has helped us design and implement a goal-driven restructuring process, has supported a rich leadership development program, and has worked with us to advise on a variety of complex human resource issues. Greg’s experience, wisdom and leadership helped to point the sails of our organization amidst times of significant transformation.

— Raechelle D., Executive Director, GCHC

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